Supporting our visitor industry

East Coast Tasmania Tourism (ECTT) is here to grow tourism on the East Coast by working with the visitor industry and our partners to drive demand, develop destination experiences and enable the industry for the economic, social and environmental benefit of the local community.

Here’s three ways we can help you.

1. Business growth and professional development

We find and create opportunities for you to grow your business and develop professionally. This includes:

  • Hosting the annual east coast tourism awards – the Great Eastern Drivers
  • Working with organisations like the Tourism Industry Council (TICT), Tasmanian Hospitality Association (THA), Skills Tasmania and others to bring great professional development programs to the east coast
  • Keeping you informed with news about what matters – updating you on things like visitor trends and visitation to the east coast, marketing opportunities, grant programs and more. Sign up to our newsletter to be sure you’re kept informed
  • One-on-one support for issues you may be facing in your business. For assistance please contact one of our team.
  • Working closely with Destination Action Plan groups to support their programs and projects.

2. Understand and advocate

  • We spend time to understand local issues.
  • We work with council, state government and others to help inform solutions.

3. Help you get noticed through marketing activities

  • We run cooperative marketing campaigns in the shoulder and low seasons to encourage people to visit in the quieter months.
Social Media
  • We are actively committed to promoting East Coast Tasmania via social media content that provides enticement for people to visit.
  • We have more than 58,000 followers across Facebook and Instagram with around 450,000 people engaging with our content annually.
  • To tag us on social media please use @eastcoasttasmania and hashtag #eastcoasttasmania
Consumer Website
  • Our consumer website attracts around 289,427 unique visitors each year and is a great way to get your business noticed.
  • We offer free product listings on our website for all products listed on ATDW
Cooperative marketing activities
  • We offer various ways to work together with cooperative marketing
  • For more information see our cooperative marketing prospectus
Tourism Tasmania
  • We work directly with Tourism Tasmania to make sure the East Coast is well represented in their marketing and promotional activities.


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