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About East Coast Tasmania Tourism

East Coast Tasmania Tourism (ECTT) is an incorporated Organisation which operates within the footprint of the Glamorgan Spring Bay and Break O’Day Council areas. It has operated since 2012. The Organisation sets the strategic direction for tourism in the region, identifies priorities and delivers programs that engage industry and stakeholders.


Applications are invited for the

Chair – East Coast Tasmania

We are seeking applications for a Chair of our dynamic Board of Directors to help shape the future of regional tourism on Tasmania’s East Coast. 

East Coast Tasmania Tourism  

East Coast Tasmania Tourism (ECTT) is an incorporated organisation established and funded by Tourism Tasmania, the Department of State Growth and the Break O’Day and Glamorgan Spring Bay Councils. 

The ECTT Board 

ECTT is governed by a skills-based Board, which provides leadership to the organisation and ensures that the destination development, marketing and management of the region is coordinated and reflects the requirements and needs of stakeholders, local businesses and the broader community. 

The Board sets a clear strategic direction for the organisation, ensuring it performs in a proper and efficient manner to achieve positive outcomes. The Board provides high-level advice to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to support the successful operation of ECTT, fostering strategic development and growth. 

The Chair’s Roles and Responsibilities  

The Chair is responsible for leading the Board in ensuring the efficient and effective operation of ECTT. The Chair works closely with the CEO to provide information and guidance to the Board on strategy, new initiatives, funding, key strategic relationships with stakeholders and partners, budget performance and marketing. Specific projects may include management plans for various destinations along with product development and industry development activities.  

The Chair’s key responsibilities are:  

a) To ensure that ECTT has an established organisational purpose, values and strategies, including ensuring the organisation: 

  • Develops and monitors the implementation of strategic business plans with consideration given to future opportunities and funding  
  • Complies with legal requirements and effectively manages risks  
  • Effectively and diligently manages the annual budget and all major items of expenditure  
  • Adopts best practice destination management practices in the best interests of the organisation and its stakeholders  
  • Understands the requirements, responsibilities and interrelationship of stakeholders and complies with internal and external reporting requirements 

b) Ensuring ECTT maintains appropriate operational processes, including processes for: 

  • Establishing the powers of any Board sub-committees within the Board  
  • Board performance, professional development and succession planning  
  • Managing the employment arrangements for the CEO, including performance reviews 
  • Risk management 
  • Setting strategic direction 

c) Leading the Board, in consultation with the CEO:

  • Ensuring proper information flow to the Board, so that the information provided is relevant, accurate, timely and sufficient to keep the Board appropriately informed of the performance, finances, affairs, opportunities and challenges of the organisation, and of any developments that may have a material impact on it. This includes ensuring Board papers are produced and distributed in a timely manner and meeting minutes accurately reflect the deliberations and decisions of the Board. 
  • Setting the agenda for the matters to be considered by the Board, and chairing and managing the conduct, frequency, and length of Board meetings. 
  • Facilitating open and constructive communications amongst Board members, encouraging their contribution to Board deliberations and ensuring that all members are treated with respect. 
  • Ensuring a Board focus on good governance, and setting and achievement of strategic goals  
  • Ensuring that an appropriate culture is maintained by the organization, and that the Board conducts its business in a professional and ethical manner. 

d) Communicating the views of the Board, in conjunction with the CEO, to the organisation’s members, stakeholders and to the public. 

The Chair will be required to undertake commitments out-of-meeting and be contactable for decision making purposes, media presentations, interviews or consultation as required. Out-of-meeting commitments may include attending briefings and meetings with tourism industry, regional and local tourism associations and stakeholders as required. 

Skills and Experience 

The Chair will have a demonstrated ability in the following key areas and is expected to:                                                                        

  • Leverage existing assets and funding sources  
  • Navigate the political landscape and leverage strong existing networks  
  • Seek out and secure new funding sources  
  • Sustain a culture of passion and innovation within the organisation  
  • Drive an agreed strategic vision for ECTT  
  • Understand and effectively manage a diversity of stakeholders 

The Chair will have demonstrated knowledge and experience in business management, marketing, finance and corporate governance.  

Desirable experience: 

  • Demonstrated experience in tourism industry  
  • Experience facilitating discussions and chairing meetings  


The Chair will be remunerated up to an amount of $25,000 pa, plus travel reimbursement at the current and respective ATO rate. 

The Board currently meets on the East Coast every six weeks. 

To Apply  

Please supply a CV / profile with a letter outlining your experience and skills you would bring to lead the Board – via email to the Deputy Chairperson Allison Anderson at no later than 5pm on 1st September 2023. 



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The Tasmanian tourism industry acknowledges the Tasmanian Aboriginal people and their enduring custodianship of lutruwita / Tasmania. We honour 40,000 years of uninterrupted care, protection and belonging to these islands, before the invasion and colonisation of European settlement. As a tourism industry that welcomes visitors to these lands, we acknowledge our responsibility to represent to our visitors Tasmania’s deep and complex history, fully, respectfully and truthfully. We acknowledge the Aboriginal people who continue to care for this country today. We pay our respects to their elders, past and present. We honour their stories, songs, art, and culture, and their aspirations for the future of their people and these lands. We respectfully ask that tourism be a part of that future.